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HR Values & Culture
At Vasu, we realise the core competency of each employee, and nurture it by providing suitable learning opportunities. Employees are our strength and they are vital to our growth, and we follow the reward mechanism along with other motivational practices, to create a stronger bond with them.

We associate our company’s success directly with our team’s capabilities. In order to achieve excellence at every level, we strive to create a team of people with the following qualities;
Functional excellence: 
Total commitment to delivery, consistently striving to excel in his/her portfolio and adding value at each stage

Progressive outlook : 
Linking organization vision to one’s own work, open minded, willing to learn & adapt to new things including technological adaptations

Sound knowledge base : 
Expertise in given subject, ability to apply knowledge so as to produce results

Ego free: 
Willing to accept and encourage differing point of views, not holding on to one’s position & power, respecting ideas, creating a collaborative stress free environment

Reputation & image consciousness : 
Being ethical & fair in dealings, compliant to company’s policies, reinforcing stake holders’ trust in the company

Customer sensitivity: 
Keeping customers interest at heart leading to customer satisfaction & delight

Quality orientation : 
Zero tolerance, consistent product and service quality 
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