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R&D at VRC
Healthcare innovations rooted in nature
"At the core of our philosophy, is a strong belief on the prowess of natural herbs and a close study of the science of Ayurveda. A strong research-led approach helps us provide safe, effective and reliable remedies that are accepted widely.

Vasu Research Centre (VRC) is the backbone of Vasu Healthcare. This DSIR recognized research centre functions as an in-house research division. It is spearheading the R&D activity which mainly focuses on innovative research areas like Herbal and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical, Phytochemical, Cosmaceutical, Analytical, Clinical, Neutraceutical Research and Development.

As a knowledge division we explore possibilities of combining the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with the principles of modern science. After rigorous trials and multiple tests, we develop highly-effective herbal healthcare products.

Our R&D team comprises of qualified scientists from diverse fields like Ayurvedic doctors, Chemists, Phytochemists, Botanists, Clinical pharmacologists and Microbiologists.Together they are continuously developing newer herbal formulations.
R & D Activities
» To develop new formulation by employing Ayurvedic principles and modern technology
» To Standardize and scale up of new formulation
» To develop qualitative and quantitative analytical methods for raw materials and finished products
» To utilize various sophisticated instruments like UV, HPLC, GC, HPTLC, AAS for extensive screening
» Isolation of phyto-constituents
» To evaluate stability of the product
» Collaboration with various Pharmacy Colleges, Medical & Ayurvedic Institutions for research projects, toxicity, preclinical and clinical study
Research Infrastructure
Our research facility is spread across 5616 sq ft area. The R&D laboratory possesses state-of-the-art modern pharmaceutical instruments that facilitate latest trend of basic research and new formulation development.
Services offered
» New product development
» Process Improvement & Standardization
» Isolation, Purification & identification of Markers
» Development of NCE from Herbal Source
» Contract Research Collaboration
» Technical tie-up with Tech-Transfer
» F & D Lab
» R & D Lab
» Analytical Lab
» Instrumentation Lab
» Microbiology Lab
» Stability room
Major Achievements
» DSIR recognized
» GLP Compliant
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